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Supporting Energy Projects with the Latest HDPE Upgrades

Atkore’s comprehensive energy product guide presents our Stream-Line™ HDPE piping system suite. Learn more about how our versatile products are providing innovative solutions across the energy industry, from oil and gas projects to nuclear site needs.

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A Look Inside Our Guide

  • Stream-Line™ Product Suite: Explore the many variations of HDPE conduit designed to fit a variety of energy project applications, featuring ideal products for oil gathering, pressure applications, and oil, gas and propane transmission. Includes pipe specifically designed for medium- and high-pressure applications.

  • MDPE for Gas Transmission: Used for medium-pressure gas and propane transmission and certified for external underground use, our flexible MDPE pipe ranges in size from ¾ to 6 inches.

  • HDPE for Gas Transmission: Learn about our quality HDPE piping options for gas transmission, which conform to ASTM D2513 and are available in sticks, coils, and reels. IPS and CTS pipe sizes range from ½ to 12 inches.

  • Sleeve-It!™ Gas Line Protection: Discover the advantages of our HDPE gas line protection over traditional PVC products, including its wide available size range and customizable manufacture and design.

Atkore United Poly Systems is dedicated to delivering high-quality and versatile products to assist with energy projects of any size and specification. Our Energy Market Product Guide contains all the information you need to discover how our HDPE piping systems can provide you with innovative, customized project solutions. Fill out the form above and get your copy today!


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