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Are you seeking the next level of excellence in HDPE conduit for telecommunications & broadband projects? Look no further. With Atkore, you gain access to a comprehensive suite of conduit products. Our meticulous attention to customer relationships sets us apart from competitors.

Atkore HDPE conduit is proudly manufactured in the U.S. and is Build America, Buy America compliant.



Why Atkore’s Comm-Line™ is the Go-To Choice for Telecom & Broadband Projects

Crafted to the highest standards, our Comm-Line series provides quality and reliability. Available in 12 colors with up to 144 variations, Comm-Line HDPE conduit meets virtually all broadband project requirements. With our specialized options for coloring or print line identification, you can stand out when sharing a trench with other telecom providers.

Key Features:

  • Sizes: IPS (Iron Pipe Size) from 3⁄4 to 16 inches & DIPS (Ductile Iron Pipe Size) from 4 inches and up
  • Installation Methods: Plow, Direct burial, HDD, Within existing conduit
  • Delivery Methods: Segmented reels for hassle-free installation

Customize to Your Needs

Choose from a variety of options like internal ribbing, custom print lines, and multiple pull tape strengths. Atkore offers tailored solutions to meet your specific needs.

Discover the Atkore Advantage Through Our HDPE Portfolio

With a competitive manufacturing footprint across the U.S., we offer an extensive product range, reinforcing our commitment to quality and safety. We’ve expanded our portfolio through acquisitions like Four-Star Industries and United Poly Systems, giving you more choices than ever before.

Coast-to-Coast Coverage

Our nationwide HDPE pipe manufacturing and shipping capabilities ensure that your freight costs are reduced and lead times are shortened for critical orders.

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